My campaign is based on these four principles:

1. To return our province from Party politics to People politics, where legislation closely aligns with the will of the People. I will run my office on a foundation of Direct Democracy, to the extent that is reasonable and possible. I am committed to meaningful and verifiable accountability to constituents, all Leduc Beaumont citizens and all Alberta taxpayers.

2. To push to pass legislation that will institute the principles of Initiative, Referendum and Recall.

3. To work to convince Legislature colleagues to do everything possible to fight for an immediate end to Equalization and the Redistribution of Alberta taxes.

4. To build support for and to sponsor a Referendum for Alberta Independence.

My Pledge To You

YOU will be my Caucus.

As an Independent member of the Legislative Assembly I will answer to no one but YOU. No Party. No Leader. No Donors.

For every piece of Legislation that comes to the floor of the Assembly I will consult with all Leduc Beaumont citizens who register as a member of my Caucus with my Legislative office.

YOUR vote will always be my vote.

YOU will not be forgotten the moment after you elect me and I close my office door.

This is how real Democracies work and how People Politics works.

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Sharon Maclise

Sharon has years of Professional, Business & Political Experience that she wants to put to use for the People of Leduc Beaumont. The following are just a few examples of her diverse background and experience. My Full Profile can be found here

  • Leader - Signature Campaign, Alberta Freedom Alliance
  • Committee Work, Reform Party 1989 to 1994
  • President Elect, Separation Party of Alberta 2005
  • Founding Executive, VP Membership, Wildrose Party
  • Candidate, Leduc Beaumont Devon 2008
  • Candidate, Ward 1 Edmonton Civic Election 2013

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